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About Me

Welcome everyone!  I’m Dani G. “Flying Feathers” Waldman.  Originally from New York City and representing Israel professionally, I am a show jumper with a particularly vibrant character–I dare to go where others don't.  After a run of success in show jumping that started with my first Grand Prix win aged 16 and led on to European Championships, World Equestrian Games and team competitions in the Global Champions League, I most recently represented Israel at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and am an ambassador who represents gender equality in sports for the Israeli Olympic committee.  I live in Amsterdam and work in one of the most conservative sports out there–but I am anything but traditional!  For starters I have over 3000 individual feathers in my hair as an expression of individuality! 

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-15 om 18.26.27.png

My female, jewish, athletic, foodie, creative identity is made up of a myriad of facets and I try to find outlets to express my personality, whether I’m at home in the city or traveling the world for competitions.  

It’s not in my nature to look and act and feel like everyone else–and I love being different.  It's just who I am…I used to obsessively wear a tinkerbell dress in grade school for weeks on end!  Today I understand that my diversity is my power and I can channel it to guide other people.  I realized that what for me is an expression of originality and self-expression, has become a source of inspiration for others!  In essence, ownyouRIDEntity! Try not to hide in fear of other people’s opinions and feel shame about who you are!  I believe empowerment comes from within! 

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