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Flying Feathers

Welcome to FlyingFeathers! It’s been a long road and this journey is far from over.  Equestrian sport has some of the highest highs and lowest lows of any sport out there–one day you beat the number one rider in the world and the next you question whether or not you can ride at all!  It’s humbling and exhilarating and there’s nothing quite like the partnership one shares with a horse.  You are two athletes trying to align with one common goal!  ​

My sports career has taken me to 7 senior championships including the Olympics, World Games, European Championships and more…I’ve beaten the best and I’ve lost to the best but I've learned a whole lot along the way! I’m particular about which gear I use, I make sure I have a team of professionals supporting the animals at every stage and I continue to be a student of the game, learning at every turn!  Like most sports the mental game is the hardest and building a program that helps you peak at the important moments is paramount to success.  FlyingFeathers is our hub for all things horse sport related…from successes to failures, tips and tricks, partners and of course the professional athlete horses themselves! 

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