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FittingFeathers Collection

You know that feeling when you look in your closet and you have an idea of an outfit but you don’t have it? You saw some person on the street last week walk past you with a fabulous coat or a unique pair of shoes and you want to incorporate it into your own style but you can’t find it in the shops?  You decide to head to a fabric shop and try your hand at designing your own clothes. This idea is what inspired FittingFeathers as a hub for fashion, inspiration and an outlet for personal creativity and style.

Daytime Chic

Bold silhouettes in unexpected fabrics always make a splash in the daytime. Feminized streetwear inspired these looks that are adventurous and eye-catching. Great for layering and designed to flatter, each piece has endless versatility and can turn an ordinary outfit into something daring and chic! 

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Set Apart

There’s nothing quite as fabulous as a two piece set–so much adaptability and options to accessorize!   Especially for travel, the two piece set offers an opportunity for one outfit to become many.  Wear the pieces together, separately, change out the shoes, add a jacket or simply mix and match, but nothing sets you apart like a two piece ensemble!

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Enigma’s have always been a part of the fashion world–a bizarre creation, a hidden message, a secrecy…all of these ideas play a role in the coquettishness of the female figure.  An oversize hood, a silky veil, and a barely there dress are just some of the ways that mystery can inspire a mood.  We don’t want to give it all away at first glance now do we!

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Workplace Reimagined

A blazer, suit or skirt are staples of any professional woman’s wardrobe! Add a pop of color, a deconstructed silhouette or a bit of drama and your boring work clothes have transformed into something entirely different!  Never feel drab when you can reimagine the workplace basics! 

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Fashion should often make you feel exuberant and full of life! What better way than to add gem tone hues, unexpected shapes and pieces that move with every gesture.  One playful item of clothing can change your mood and give you the self-assurance to go out and embrace the spirit of life. 

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Nighttime Glamour

A little shine or a little shimmer always has a place in the wardrobe.  There’s a seductiveness to pieces of clothing that catch the light and glisten around the curves of the body.  Maybe you want a party dress or maybe you want a chic jumpsuit but a glamorous piece of clothing is always great for boosting confidence!

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