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The search for inspiring design around the world!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Welcome to FollowingFeathers! The hub for all things travel, architecture, design inspo and recommendations from journey’s around the globe!

Back in middle school I used to draw perspective paintings over and over again–I think I always had a love for architecture and design! With my family in real-estate in NYC, my upbringing was spent surveying the buildings and exploring the urban landscape. Then, in high school I almost chose an entirely different career path and became an architect! Although I decided to stick to horses, I never lost my love of design and architecture. In fact, I wrote a 90 page senior thesis at university about how Olympic urban planning can affect cities in relation to the global economy…clearly my interest in architectural design never dissipated. Nowadays, however, I get to travel the world exploring so many different cultures and am inspired by the myriad of design styles I see. Ever wondered how they build modern glass staircases into stone caves built in the 700s AD?? Or how a town with only white buildings utilizes colorful potted plants to decorate the facades? With FollowingFeathers you’ll get a glimpse into these magnificent cultures, get some top recommendations and check out some of the world’s coolest contemporary art and architecture!

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